EMDR and Psychotherapy for Teens, Adults & Families.
Christina Narensky, PsyD
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2424 Blanding Ave. 
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Alameda, CA 94501

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I am an energetic and curious psychologist whose approach emphasizes respect, authenticity, and collaboration. I believe that most problems originate in early, difficult experiences, that exert their influence on people by blinding them to their own strengths and resources. I work with clients to debunk dysfunctional assumptions and practices, and replace them with adaptive beliefs, strengths and resources. It's an honor to witness and support clients, as they discover the uniquely personal values and skills that support more preferred ways of being.  
Christina Narensky, Psy.D. ® 2424 Blanding Avenue, Suite 206, Alameda, CA 94501

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Compassionate, Authentic and Collaborative
Adolescent Therapy
Individual Therapy 
Solution-focused and strength based treatment for depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, trouble with relationships, impact of oppression, creative blocks and difficult life transitions. 
EMDR Therapy
Emphasizing authenticity, humor and equality to support growth, address depression, anxiety,  academic stress and underachievement, anger, community /family violence, & self-injurious behavior.

Family Therapy
Collaborative, inclusive and respectful re-examination of strengths and values to improve communication and chart more preferred ways of addressing developmental family milestones, and challenges.
EMDR treatment for post traumatic stress, single incident and complex traumas, dissociative disorders, relationship difficulties, anxieties and problem behaviors.